2nd , 3rd Dec Chichibu night festival you can stay during the day!!!!!!!

We have still beds during the day!!
If you wanna stay here , Please send E-mail to us!!!!
Good news you know:
●Chichibuyomatsuri tour in English on 2nd Dec!! (meet up time and place 12:00 at Seibu chichibu station,fee 2500JPY,Reservation is required until the day!! please email or me!!)
●Our special check-in time is between 4pm and 9pm on 2nd(If you want to stay more chichibu yomatsuri , It ‘s ok until last train!!)
on 3rd, Between 7pm and 12pm!! It’s ok to take from mitsumineguchi st to the guesthouse by my car during the time!!

Thanks !!
Guest house nishiki
Otaki 138-1 Chichibu , Japan

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